What are SRC Shorts? How do they help in pregnancy?

SRC Shorts

SRC shorts are a medical grade compression short designed to provide support, compression, and comfort to the muscles and joints in the pelvis and abdomen, with ranges to support bodies through both pregnancy and post childbirth. Back pain, pelvic pain, and abdominal separation are all common complaints suffered by women when pregnant and post-partum. SRC shorts are an effective and non-invasive option for prevention and management of pain during and post pregnancy.

During pregnancy, bodies undergo significant changes affecting the muscles and ligaments. This can cause instability and be an underlying cause of pain and dysfunction. SRC shorts can help to provide support and compression to the pelvic floor muscles, hips and lower back, reducing pain and discomfort during pregnancy. The pregnancy range provides space for the growing bump whilst also providing support.

Post-partum SRC shorts provide greater core stability, allowing you to be mobile more readily as they support the upper and lower abdominal muscles, helping to recover from any abdominal separation, tearing or caesarean wounds. The shorts go up to the bra line to push the upper abdominal muscles back into their optimal position.

These shorts can be worn as soon as comfortable and can be worn as many hours as desired. They are designed to be worn for the first 8 to 10 week after delivery, however, can be worn for as long as they feel they are providing benefit.

Using SRC short as a tool alongside regular chiropractic care to care for your spine and nervous system during a time where your body is changing rapidly can help support you and your body to feel the best during and after pregnancy.

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