Top Tips for New Mums

Being a new mum is a massive adjustment; getting to know this new tiny human, the sleep deprivation, the constant feeding- it’s A LOT! These are my top tips for new mums to help you through the adjustment period.

Top Tips for New Mums 

Drink water

Stay hydrated! Making milk is dehydrating to your body, along with you being so involved with your tiny person you are going to forget to drink. Make sure you are drinking loads of water. It will also help with the awful post birth poo!

Nourish yourself

Remember to eat- just like when you were pregnant, your body needs extra calories to produce milk. Nourishing your body with lovely whole foods will help you feel good post birth and having collagen rich foods will help your body heal. 

Support your body

Support your body when feeding. Make sure your elbows are supported when feeding bub, this will help take some of the strain off the supper back and shoulders. Feeding while in a semi- reclined position will also help prevent you from ending up in a hunched position. 


Pec stretches/ using your posture pole- spending lots of time hunched forward feeding and caring for bub is going to leave you feeling tight and uncomfortable. Continuing to lay on your posture pole and focus on opening you chest will help counteract this. 

Ask for help

Ask for help- this one sounds easy, but so often we don’t ask for help when we need it. Ask for someone to watch bub for you take a shower, say yes to the freezer meals or groceries, yes to someone talking bub for a walk so you can nap for an hour. 

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