tech neck

Take a moment to stop and check in with your posture. If you are on the phone looking down, or sitting while looking at the computer screen, I am sure most people feel your shoulders are rolled forward and head is slumped forward. Now take a moment to look at your kids – are they sitting slumped over their device? ‘Tech neck’ is the term used for this forward head posture. As technology has quickly evolved, our bodies are very quickly changing too – causing us to collapse forward.

When our head is sitting on your shoulders your head weights about 5 kilograms, it balances nicely against gravity and your small neck muscles don’t have to do much work. However, as soon as your head goes forward, this weight increases exponentially – at only 15 degrees your head more than doubles its weight! At 60 degrees, it maxes out at 27 kilograms.

tech neck

All this extra weight is not only stressful to your spine, but tiring for your body, and can cause pain and dysfunction. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of screen time in kids is many are suffering from posture related dysfunction and pain at an earlier age.

So, what does this look like, and how do you know when your posture needs improvement?

  • A visible hump at the bottom of the neck and shoulders
  • Shoulders rounding forward
  • Tightness and or pain in neck and shoulders
  • Short and shallow breathing
  • Neck protruding forward or ‘chin poke,’
  • Tightness in the hip flexors and lower back
  • Core weakness
  • This often feels like stiffness, pain, headaches and limitations in the movement of your spine.


Getting yourself and your family regular chiropractic checks can help to correct any structural imbalances in your body, improve your posture and ensure your body is functioning at its very best.

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