Pregnancy Pillows – for treatment, sleeping and feeding babies

Pregnancy pillows become a great friend for many women. We use them in the chiropractic clinic for the comfort of mum-to-be. We surround our selves with them to get a good nights rest. Then, once bub arrives, they can support both mum and bub while feeding.

What are our favourite Pregnancy Pillows that we recommend? Read on to find out.

Pillows and chiropractic

One of the most common questions pregnant patients have for our chiropractors is how are you going to be able to treat me? What they usually mean is how am I going to lay on my tummy. Well we have pregnancy pillows to assist us. These are pillows specifically designed to allow mums the ability to lay on their tummies with ease and comfort. They come in several sizes to accomodate the changing belly size. By letting you lie on your front, the Belly Pillow® gives you a chance to truly relax and take some pressure off your lower back. It allows you the opportunity to continue with chiropractic treatment throughout your entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows for sleep

During the second and third trimesters, feelings of tiredness are common with greater difficulty sleeping. Often our patients report to us difficulty getting comfortable and feelings of restlessness. A great option to help with this is the body pillow. It is quite space consuming however allows for wrapping your arms around, you can tuck under the belly plus also provide support between the knees. A body pillow is multipurpose and very economical, you don’t need a fancy ‘pregnancy’ pillow! It can also be bent into a banana shape and placed behind the back for a more comfortable sitting position in bed. This can come in handy when the next phase starts – feeding the baby.

Breastfeeding pillows

Breast feeding pillows are all the rage with all sorts of designs and price tags attached to them. However, we take a slightly different approach at how to use them. Most feeding pillows are designed to sit under  the baby to alleviate mums arms from holding the baby. We encourage mums to us the Thompson Technique which recommends mum to be in a more semi reclined position with baby in a 45 degrees posture across mum’s body. Gravity takes care of the rest and mum is more restful and comfortable. Comfort is a big part of successful feeding. For more information on this please see the Thompson Technique for breast feeding (website). If an arm or elbow support is still needed, particularly if bottle feeding, then any pillow propped up under the arm will work.

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