New Mum Aches and Pains – The 4th Trimester

Tackling new mum aches and pains is a common occurrence in the first 12 weeks after giving birth. This is a period of massive change for mothers physically, mentally and emotionally. There are significant hormonal changes, sleep deprivation and trying to work out a new identity as a new mum. Physically the body is getting use to no longer being pregnant. You will also find more lifting and carrying is occurring, all while recovering from birth! The 4th trimester is a beautiful, but often a hard time. At Ohana Chiropractic, we are passionate about supporting families through this time, here are our top recommendations.

Symptoms and Recommendations

Adoring Baby Neck

  • Very commonly our parents will present to us with neck pain during the 4th trimester. This is ‘typical’ new mum aches and pains. Think text neck, but next level.  You can’t help but stare at your gorgeous baby all day, but this can lead to significant neck stiffness and in some cases headaches. To combat this, we recommend changing positions regularly (try laying next to bub), gentle stretches and range of motion exercises. You could also come and see your friendly family Chiropractor.

Shoulder Tension

  • This is very commonly associated with feeding. It can seem like you are feeding constantly during this period of time. Using a pillow to support the elbow when feeding can help take the strain off the shoulders. It can also be helpful to try and keep the shoulders back and down, so easily you will find ourselves in those hunched positions. It can also be helpful to feed laying down, experiment with positions to find what works best for you and bub.

Pelvic Instability

  • Mums pelvis has been through some major changes, regardless of if you birthed vaginally or abdominally. Rest up in that 1st month, let people help you! See your chiropractor to help your pelvis adapt to no longer being pregnant. Use proper lifting techniques when lifting bub. Bending with the knees not the back, holding your load close to you- you know the drill! Once cleared by your GP or midwife, gentle walking is the best movement you can do! It can also be a good technique to help an unsettled bub.

Build Your Tribe During Pregnancy

  • Find those people who can help you, so once bub is earth side you know who you can call on. This means both friends/ family and professionals. Most people want to help but are not sure how to. When people offer help, accept it! Let them clean the kitchen or bring over groceries. It can also be helpful to connect with health professionals like chiropractors, lactation consultants, post-partum doula when pregnant so you know who you might like to use if needed in the 4th trimester.

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