Help, my child is pigeon toed.

pigeon toed

Help my child is pigeon toed!

Pigeon-toed or in-toed gait is a common condition in children where the feet point inward while walking. The medical term for this condition is “internal tibial torsion”.

The primary cause of in-toeing is often related to the alignment of the bones in the legs, specifically the tibia and femur bones. In infants and toddlers, the bones of the leg are soft and not fully developed, and the angle at which they meet can result in the child walking with an in-toed gait. As the child grows and the bones mature, the angle often corrects itself, and the child’s gait improves.

However, in some cases, in-toeing can persist into childhood or even adulthood. This can be due to a range of factors, including underlying medical conditions or genetic factors. In some cases, in-toeing can be associated with other conditions, such as flat feet or excessive pronation of the foot, otherwise known as inward rolling of the foot.

Most cases of in-toeing do not require medical treatment and will resolve on their own over time. In some cases, treatment may be recommended to address any underlying conditions that may be contributing to the in-toeing or to correct any functional problems that may be associated with the condition. Treatment may involve physical therapy which can be performed by a chiropractor, orthotic devices, or corrective surgery in rare cases.

A study published in the Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics found that most cases of in-toeing resolve on their own by the age of 8, and that advanced treatment is generally not necessary. The study also found that in cases where treatment is recommended, early intervention is important for optimal if you are concerned get your child checked sooner rather than later.

In summary, in-toeing or pigeon-toed gait is a common condition in children that is often related to the alignment of the bones in the leg. This is where it is important to get your child checked by a chiropractor or other trained physician to treat the underlying issue or correct the postural component to the stress on the foot or leg. This will ensure that it will resolve on its own over time.

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  1. This article provides valuable insights on pigeon-toed conditions in children. Great to learn about effective treatments and the importance of seeking professional guidance. Kudos to Ohana Chiropractic!

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