Do’s and Don’ts for pregnancy

Do’s and Don’ts for a Balanced Pelvis through your pregnancy.

The body goes through massive bio-mechanical changes during pregnancy. These are my top dos and dont’s to help your pelvis be as balanced as possible to reduce pain and discomfort for mum and to allow the most pelvic space for your growing baby.


  • Cross your legs when sitting or sit with your legs tucked under you
  • Wear high heels- this shifts weight even more forward and locks up the back of the pelvis
  • Carry toddlers on your hips- this is a tough one to navigate, but when you are carrying a toddler try and carry them on the front. This will make the weight more centred, rather than making the pelvis lopsided
  • Avoid sustained sitting, we recommend getting up every 30 mins during the day to move and reposition the body.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting bra bands, in fact avoid wearing a bra as much as you can. During pregnancy, the chest and ribs change from being an oval like shape to more round. This allows your organs to move up into the chest cavity to allow for a growing uterus and baby. Wearing a tight fitting bra band will reduce the space this allows.


  • Get adjusted by a chiropractor who is pregnancy trained
  • Prenatal massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga to calm down and open the body
  • Pilates to strengthen and tone the body
  • Keep as active as you can, exercise is shown to help reduce the risk of Gestation Diabetes and Pre-eclampsia
  • Do the robozo technique, side laying release and forward inversion to stretch the ligaments in the pelvis and give the growing uterus as much space as possible.

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