Baby Wearing – the why, how and which one to choose

As North Lakes friendly neighbourhood chiropractors that work with babies we get asked all the time about baby wearing and which sling, wrap or baby carrier to use.

We are big fans of baby carriers and encourage parents to carry their little ones as much as possible. It helps stimulate a part of the brain called the vestibular system. It also keeps them calm and happy, as well as off the back of their heads if laying in a pram and car seat all the time. Hence preventing flat spots from developing (see our plagiocephaly blog)

Which carrier is best for baby wearing?

When it comes to which one is best for parent and baby we have two preferred styles.

For the 0-3 month age group we highly recommend a sling style carrier. This keeps the baby in a C shaped posture and pressure out of their immature hips. They are super easy to use and comfortable for parents as well. During this phase you baby should sleep quite a lot and this is an easy way to keep them comfortably asleep while you as the parent can get on with life. They also can double as a great covered up breast feeding option. 

Our second favourite everyday wear type of carrier is actually the wrap style. This is because it is so versatile, fits all shapes of parents and keeps baby super close preventing strain in the parents body as well as being super supportive of baby. They look a little daunting to use however once you have done it a few times you never forget. They stretch and hence can be used from newborn to 2 years of age. They are soft and don’t cut in at the arm or leg areas. Versatility is the real winner especially if you are a family that loves to be out and about or travel. Can also double as a blanket, pillow, shawl etc. 

If you have young children you may also be interested in this article by our team on Developmental Milestones.

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